Hundreds of thousands of patent specifications are published each year worldwide, so they constitute a vast body of technical data.

But making use of this information is difficult. Locating relevant documents amidst the huge volume of publications, and understanding the jargon which they use, requires the specialist help of an experienced technical searcher.

Abacus helps inventors and firms to exploit the information in patents and registered designs.

This information is valuable for the following purposes-

  • avoiding infringement of your competitors rights.
  • spotting potential infringements of your own IP rights.
  • identifying potential suppliers, customers and technology licensing opportunities.
  • assessing the true novelty of an invention.
  • inspiring innovations of your own.
  • eliminating unnecessary R&D costs by identifying existing similar patented technology.
  • understanding technological trends.
  • identifying expired patents which detail technology which now is free for use.
  • idenitifying emerging products which will compete with your own.


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